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What is

Braim is an agency that helps major brands to create and launch online and offline innovation challanges for students, specialists, startups and own employees in order to search for best ideas, innovative solutions, top talents and teams.

Take advantage of our online platform to create challenges

This web-platform was created in partnership with the French company Agorize and allows to hold any innovation challenges and hackathons in an online format. You can create a challenge on the with your own domain name or deploy it on your website using the API.

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Create your challenge with Braim in minutes

Our innovation online platform allows you to reduce the time and budget for creating your challenge' website. You can bulid full-featured web pages without involving programmers, receive statistics, communicate with participants and manage all stages of the challenge.

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Manage your challenge

The platform’s functionality allows you to track you challenge's KPI. Using a convenient custom dashboard, you can receive, manage and export the necessary data in real time. You can customize the stages of the challenge, unite participants in teams and expertize the projects.

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Find the best ideas and top talents

Identify the best projects and talented professionals with convenient tools. Due to the functionality of the built-in chats, you can keep in touch with participants throughout all stages of the challenge, and well-built communications will help you achieve the best result in finding the best projects and specialists.

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Get in touch with the community of innovators and gain access to the talent database

Get connected with a community of students, startups and professionals from Russia and the CIS countries. And with the assistance of our partner Agorize, you can erase borders and gain access to a community across 145 countries.


Benefit from our experienced expert team

Our team of experts is focused on achieving your goals and will provide you with professional assistance - from choosing the best challenge format to creating a turnkey project

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Launch one of the innovation challenges with Braim

With us you can create either completely online challenge or challenge with a bright offline final and other live stages. We will help you choose the best event format that is suitable for achieving your goals.

Student and Professional Challenge

Attract, engage and recruit the best talent. Cut your recruitment costs & boost your employer brand

Startup Challenge

Engage, collaborate & hire startups to solve your business tasks. Stay on top of innovative ideas and breakthrough technologies. Invest and get extra profit.

Hackathons and Makerthons

Get prototypes that can be quickly implemented, attract the best tech talent and create innovation teams

Internal Challenge

Conduct training programs to empower your team, catalyze creativity & reinforce commitment of your staff and research teams

Learning Challenge

Prepare new employees or train existing employees in new processes and technologies in a gamified way!


Complement your events with interesting intellectual contests, creating additional value for the participants.

we are trusted

The Braim team consists of the best experts in organizing of competitive and educational events in Russia and the CIS countries, whose experience and competence are trusted by dozens of large companies. We value this recognition and constantly evolve to meet all expectations and help our clients to achieve their goals.

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