About us

The Braim project was created and is managed by the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization ‘Center for the Development of Information Technologies IT Planet’. For 15 years, we have been organizing and conducting competitions, olympiads, competitions and educational events in partnership with companies that create, promote or use innovations in their activities. During the work of our team, we have gained great experience, held more than 50 major competitions, formed a community of talented students and young graduates. Our flagship project was the IT-Planet Student Olympiad, which brought together students from more than 1000 institutions of higher and secondary vocational education in Russia and the CIS countries.

The Braim project is a new step in our history, which allows us to better and more fully realize our mission in the interests of society, business and young talented innovators.


We aim to the innovative development of society, helping businesses to find top talents, perspective ideas and innovative solutions, while creating the conditions for self-development and professional growth for young people and experienced innovators.

Meet our team

Companies that trust the experience of our team

Listed below are companies that were sponsors, partners or customers of events organized by the team of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization 'Information Technology Development Center 'IT-Planet'.

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