Braim: Innovation Challenge Online-platform

It is a unique tool that allows our agency and our customers to get fast and high-quality results. This web-platform allows you to conduct any innovation challenge completely in an online format.

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Using our platform, you can:


Create challenges
by yourself

You will reduce the time and budget for creating a challenge website. You can create full-featured web pages without involving programmers, get the necessary statistics, communicate with participants and fully set all stages of the challenge.


Manage your challenges

The platform’s functionality will allow you to track KPI of your challenges. Using a convenient, customizable control panel, you can receive and export the necessary data in real time, configure all stages of the challenge, unite participants into teams and conduct an examination of the final work.


Identify the best projects and talents

You can easily identify the best projects, teams and talented specialists using convenient tools. Thanks to the functionality of the built-in chats and the system of announcements, you can keep in touch with participants throughout all stages of the challenge. Well-structured communications will help you achieve the best result.

Some challenges held on the Braim platform:

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