Discover your possibilities with Braim

We will help you in achieving a comprehensive effect in solving of your tasks including personal issues, development of technologies and the image of your company. On this page you will discover in which business cases our experience could be useful and what effect you will get from cooperation with Braim.

Our experience will be useful to you if you work in one of the fields:

Human Resources Management

You attract, recruit and retain talent, manage employer branding or are responsible for employee training and empowerment.


You are responsible for innovation projects or products. Your goal is to drive innovation and create value with effective results.


You invest in startups and look for new ideas for your portfolio or look for teams to create innovative company divisions.

& Marketing

You strengthen the position of your brand among customers and public authorities and engage customers in co-creating products & services.

What do you get from working with Braim?


Quickly identify innovations and source innovative solutions for your business before others.

Attraction of top talents and teams

Test and recruit the best talent on their hard & soft skills. Boost your employer brand.

Base of the best innovative startups

Connect and engage with the best innovative startups in the world.

Strengthening and promotion the company's brand

Promote your brand in an unusual and interesting way that attracts the attention of an intellectual audience.

Improvement of your employees level

Reveal your employees’ potential by nurturing their intrapreneurial mindset with open innovation challenges.

Prototypes of new products and services

Get prototypes that you can quickly implement in your business, or test an existing product.

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